Boaz Police increase security by issuing “good morning cards” to local businesses

Additional safety measures for businesses in Boaz

BOAZ, Ala. (WAFF) - To help ensure that local business are safe, the Boaz police department is beefing up security and notifying business owners in a unique way.

Boaz Police officers routinely patrol neighborhoods and businesses.

Last week, Sun Shack Boutique business owner Christi Vallentine found a note in her door when she opened her boutique.

The notes are called “Good Morning Cards”, which lets business owners know that police stopped by during the night/morning and checked out their business.

“It just makes us feel good when we’re coming in the mornings and we know that people have been coming in checking up on us. We’ve had a couple of issues here at night where we work late and a couple times we’ve had some people sitting out in the parking lot, not sure if they had ill intentions or not,” said Vallentine.

Boaz Assistant Chief of Police Walter Colbert said with recent thefts in the area, they wanted to ensure that people working at local businesses feel safe.

Vallentine said she is thankful for the added safety measure, which helps gives her a peace of mind knowing her and her business is protected.

She also encourages business owners to purchase cameras.

“Having cameras is just a deterrent all together. I feel like if somebody comes in and they are a shoplifter it automatically gives them that vibe that you’re alert and you are paying attention and they might think twice before they do. If you don’t have cameras and you can afford them I say still always try try to invest one,” said Vallentine.

Colbert said not every business will receive a card, but police will continue to patrol the area as much as possible to prevent any break-in’s around the area.

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