Russellville family still grieving loss of daughter after Antonio Sears indicted for vehicular manslaughter

Family looking for closure for Tonya Junior

RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - This week would have marked the 28th birthday for Tonya Junior. Instead, members of her family in Russellville are looking for closure following her death.

Her family said the road to justice is far from over.

Kathy Morton’s eyes welled with tears as she thought about her late daughter Tonya Junior.

“I go to bed thinking about my daughter, I wake up thinking about my daughter” said Morton.

Tonya Junior was killed in a car accident in August. A police report states she was a passenger in the car Antonio Sears was driving. The report states Sears was speeding…driving 70 miles an hour with no headlights before the wreck occurred around midnight on August 16th.

Sears was indicted by a grand jury for vehicular manslaughter on December 29th.

“My 7-year-old grandson put his arm on my shoulder telling me papa its going to be ok,” said Junior’s father, Ric Junior.

“She’s an angel,” said Morton.

Tonya’s parents say now justice needs to be served for the sake of Tonya’s 7-year-old son, Jaidyn.

“We want Jaidyn to grow up knowing whatever you do has consequences,” said Mortan.

And while the wheels of justice are continuing to slowly roll, Tonya’s family members are left with broken hearts.

“We’re just hurt,” said Morton.

And memories.

“He will never forget who his mama is because nana will keep her alive in his mind for the rest of my life,” said Morton.

Sears next court appearance is set in March.

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