Priceville Police Department working to combat crimes in homes

New Security equipment for Priceville Police Department

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Priceville Police Department leaders are urging homeowners associations to consider security equipment that uses real time license plate readers to stop crime.

Police Chief Rick Williams said his department was just introduced to the technology made by the company, Flock Safety, which will help protect the community.

“It’s no secret that we are having a problem in some of our subdivisions as everyone else in north Alabama and the rest of the country,” Chief Williams said. “People are coming in to subdivisions and taking whatever they can get their hands on.”

This technology uses a camera system that does more than just take photos of license plates when someone enters a neighborhood.

“It takes a picture of each and every license plate as everyone comes and goes. Nothing gets done with that footage unless that particular license plate number has been entered previously into the National Crime Information Center,” Chief Williams said.

He also released a video on Wednesday demonstrating the product with the help of a representative of Flock Safety.

“There’s an NCIC database of stolen cars, stolen license plates, sex offenders and so forth,” the representative said. “These cameras can send police alerts so if a car registered on that list they will get an alert.”

The cost associated with the system is $2,500 per year according to the chief. As of now, it’s something he’s recommending to each homeowners association.

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