Health Departments see an increase in more people getting flu vaccine

Health Departments see an increase in more people getting flu vaccine
Influenza vaccine (Source: waff)

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Work is underway across the country to get COVID-19 vaccines to those who need them most.

However, there is also a high demand for the flu vaccine.

Marshall County hospitals have been dealing with COVID-19 patients for months.

State Health officials like Judy Smith have urged people to get a flu vaccine to keep hospital beds open for COVID-19 patients.

“There generally is two types of flu vaccines and one is the general vaccine and the other is for folks that are over 65 years of age and it’s called the high dose one. We have been out of that in some counties,” said Smith.

The Marshall County Health Department was impacted by high demand, but new flu vaccines arrived at the facility this week.

Smith said fewer people have been hospitalized with the flu this season and that has helped area hospitals.

“Normally this time of the year there is a much larger hospitalization of people with flu and flu related conditions. If we had had that this year on top of the impact that COVID has had on some of our hospitals, I don’t know how we would have made it,” said Smith.

Smith said to help with shortages of flu vaccines, County Health Departments work together to help serve all Alabamians.

“All health departments do order and get flu vaccines and offer it to the public. The uptake may vary from county to county and one of our capabilities is that we can ship vaccines from one county to another if one needs more and the other needs less,” said Smith.

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