Albertville Public Library creates a food pantry to help students in need

Aggie Pantry helps students in Albertville

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s no secret that many people have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic!

But to lend a helping hand to students in need, staff members at Albertville High School have created a food pantry.

The Aggie Food Pantry was created in 2019 at Albertville High School.

Albertville High School Math Teacher Caitlin Dickerson said she saw a need and wanted to provide students with extra resources.

The pantry includes hygiene items, food, and canned goods. Students can access the items at any time inside these lockers.

Albertville Public Library Director Reagan Deason created a similar pantry to help serves students during the pandemic.

“Like last spring that was almost an entire semester that it was at least something here to supplement those needs and I hope we are making difference. Even if it’s one person, we would do this,” said Deason.

In lieu of fines at the library, students can donate a food item to the pantry.

Donations are also accepted at the high school.

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