Tennessee Valley elected officials react to violence at the Capitol

Alabama elected officials react to Capitol chaos

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Some of our elected officials were inside when protesters swarmed the Capitol today.

We spoke with newly sworn in U.S. senator Tommy Tuberville, he couldn’t tell us much, but said he is safe.

And late this afternoon, Mo Brooks, who has been accused of rallying Trump supporters to protest had a change of tune and condemned the violence and called it un-American.

Congressman Mo Brooks: “The violence at the U.S. Capitol today is despicable, un-American, and tears at the fabric of our great republic. The scenes of United States Capitol Police being violently attacked and mobs occupying the American seat of government are highly disturbing. Consistent with my history, I ALWAYS condemn lawlessness and violence of any kind and in the strongest terms. As a strong supporter of the Rule of Law, and as a former target of Socialist Democrat gunfire myself, I don’t care what political views motivate the violence, I hope law enforcement and our judicial system prosecute these thugs to the fullest extent of the law.”

Brooks continued, “In America, the appropriate way to achieve political goals, the place to beat the stew out of disagreeable political philosophies, is via free speech, vigorous public debate, and at the ballot box, while always being respectful of the Rule of Law and Law Enforcement. While our election system has major, systemic flaws that Socialist Democrats egregiously exploited in 2020, that election system is still far and away the best place to change the direction and destiny of America.”

Senator Richard Shelby: “Today is a very dark day for our country. I am safe thanks to the protection and swift action by our law enforcement officials. Our Founding Fathers warned against mob rule. Law and order must be established and maintained.”

Congressman Robert Aderholt: “I was on the House Floor this afternoon objecting to the electoral votes with many of my colleagues. We had to evacuate due to a security breach. I ask for your prayers during this time in our nation’s history. God has brought this nation through many dark days over the past 240 plus years. We have more times than not, been able to settle our disputes peaceably. I believe God will continue to guide and protect this nation. However, as a nation we need to seek his guidance in peace. He is in full control!”

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn: “To the protestors that have breached the Capitol building: you are disrupting the democratic process. You should be ashamed of yourself. This is violence. This is a crime. It must stop. These actions at the US Capitol by protestors are truly despicable and unacceptable. While I am safe and sheltering in place, these protests are prohibiting us from doing our constitutional duty. I condemn them in the strongest possible terms. We are a nation of laws.”

Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty: “I have always believed in peaceful protesting. What is happening at the U.S. Capitol right now is not peaceful, this is violence. I condemn it in the strongest terms. We are a nation of laws and this must stop.”

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