Four generations get COVID-19 vaccine

Four generations receive the COVID vaccine

LINCOLN CO, Tenn. (WAFF) - A Lincoln County family experienced a sense of responsibility towards others when they stepped up to get the COVID-19 vaccine together.

People were waiting to get the COVID-19 vaccine, as cars circled around the block Among those people who received the vaccine is a family of four generations.

“We knew this was an opportunity that we would never be able to do again, is get our vaccine together,” said granddaughter, April Smith.

You know the old saying age is just a number, but the number of deaths caused by COVID-19 led this family tree from ages 24 to 100 to give the vaccine a chance.

“I feel that we are responsible for other people’s lives by stepping up and stepping in and taking a stand,” said daughter, Nancy Kimbrough.

Taking a stand because they can. They family was able to receive the vaccine because of their age or because they are a health care worker. Getting vaccinated as a family was Ms. Inez’s idea and she said getting the vaccine was.

“Easy,” said Ms. Inez.

The family said they hope they can encourage others to get the vaccine when it becomes available to the public.

“Trust the medical community. Trust the scientists that developed the vaccine. There has to be some starting point for us moving forward from the virus and the vaccine is going to be they way to do it,” said Smith.

And that getting the vaccine is more than about just protecting yourself.

“You may save yourself. You may rescue other people that you might encourage if they are on the fence maybe this will help them,” said Kimbrough.

This event was one of a kind- only happening Saturday throughout the state of Tennessee.

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