Customers still waiting for Christmas orders; company blames USPS for delays

Redline Steel still waiting on gifts from USPS

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - An ‘On Your Side Investigation’ looking into a local company allegedly disappointing some customers this holiday season.

People from across the country reached out to us on our Facebook about the company “Redline Steel”.

We learned hundreds of customers claim their orders haven’t been fulfilled and a company’s spokesperson said quote “we aren’t Santa Claus”.

Tracy Pardiac lives in Michigan. She came across the Tanner based company Redline Steel on the internet and thought the product would make great Christmas gifts. “A customer service representative said we promise they would be here in time for Christmas. Guaranteed they would be here for Christmas.”

According to a company spokesperson, the deadline to place an order for it to arrive in time for Christmas was December 7th.

Padiac ordered almost $200 worth of items in early November. Christmas morning, she still hadn’t received her purchases. “I received a shipping notification on Christmas Eve. That says a shipping label was generated at 5:15 PM, it still says that today.”

Pardiac said she’s not alone. She said she’s been in contact with dozens of people with the same complaints. You can see some of those worries on the company’s Facebook page and the Better Business Bureaus complaint section.

Some of the fed-up customers from across the country joined in on a zoom call to share in the frustration.

Karlena Johnson is from Minnesota. “After Christmas came and went and there was nothing. All gloves were off. I was mad.”

Wanda Lee is right here from Huntsville. “When you order something like that, and you have all of these high expectations you are excited about the gift you are giving, and the recipient doesn’t get it, that’s very disappointing.”

A company spokesperson said the post office is the problem. He said the backlog that has impacted many of us is impacting their business too. He sent us a statement saying in part, “Even with hardships being experienced by the U.S. Postal Service nationwide, Redline Steel has been doing everything they possibly can to get these orders into the hands of its customers.”

Redline Steel is ranked in the top of Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. It is the fastest-growing company in the state of Alabama. Since the start of the holiday season, the company shipped out more than 100-thousand products.

The owner Collin Wayne is a decorated Army veteran seriously injured in Afghanistan. “Huge supporter of Veterans. That was one of the things that I really liked about this company and wanted to support them,” said Pardiac.

Everyone we spoke to understands the holidays are a busy season and add the pandemic in the mix things could be delayed. But these paying customers wished for better communication throughout the process.

“Whenever I called the customer service lady, you could just tell by her voice she had gotten so many of these calls,” said Lee.

“Saying hey sorry, things are delayed they are coming. But to have complete radio silence is extremely unprofessional in my opinion,” said Johnson.

A spokesperson said 99 percent of the orders have been fulfilled.

Here is the full statement from a Redline Steel spokesperson:

“Over the holiday season starting in November, Redline Steel has shipped out more than 100,000 products to customers, 99% of those arriving on-time. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that given the current COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Postal Service has been backed up and experiencing many delays, which has been reported across the country, and because of this, some orders are still in transit. The order numbers given to us at the time of this story from customers who have “not received” their items have been proven via the postal office that they were either confirmed in transit prior to the holidays and/or actually delivered before Christmas, but any delays came from their end, not Redline Steel; Other order numbers given to us have been proven that they were placed after the December 7th cut-off date, and therefore are still in transit.

Even with hardships being experienced by the U.S. Postal Service nationwide, Redline Steel has been doing everything they possibly can to get these orders into the hands of its customers, and in the circumstances where items have been delayed out of their control, Redline has offered those customers discounts and for non-customized items, refunds.

While 2020 has been a strange year for all of us, Redline Steel and its CEO Colin Wayne have been leading the way with their motto of “People Over Profits”, and have been giving back millions of products all year to frontline workers, farmers, truckers, teachers, military, homeless and more. Colin has even paid the rent for all of his employees and handed out bonuses for the countless hours they have been putting in to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, and just last month Governor Kay Ivey gave Redline Steel and its staff a Commendation for the company’s countless efforts this year.

Colin and Redline Steel are excited for the upcoming 2021 year with plans to continue to help Alabama grow nationwide as a leader in business. We sympathize with those customers who are experiencing delays still with the post office, and apologize on their behalf.”

The company sent us dozens of emails from satisfied customers. As far as the unsatisfied customers, we will check back next week to see if they have received their orders.

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