Local Pastor speaks on suspending in-person services

Churches unsure on long term plans with normal services.

Church closures impact the community

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - We’ve been reporting on how some of the biggest churches in our area are suspending in-person services for now due to rising COVID case numbers.

We’ve also seen churches including First Baptist Church of Huntsville purchase technology like UV lights to help, but all of this has affected the congregation in a deeper way.

First Baptist Church of Huntsville Senior Pastor Travis Collins says the biggest struggle from his point of view is finding the balance between the God-given need for togetherness with group worship, and a good sense of responsibility.

“Asking what church is going to look like post-pandemic is a million dollar question,” Collins said.

Collins says he has definitely seen anxiety and grief in his congregation, especially since it’s difficult to have traditional funeral services with the pandemic.

The Church plans to be able to celebrate these lives lost in a big way when things go back to normal.

Collins says he’s seen a lot of support for this decision to temporarily close the doors, but the future is what is in question.

“When will people be comfortable getting together for such a big celebration of life or even when are people going to come back to the routine of regular in-person worship? Nobody really knows that,” Collins said.

As of right now, suspending in-person services is in effect until at least the end of January.

There are live services on First Baptist Church of Huntsville’s website in the meantime and they are launching a new 30 minute broadcast for Sunday mornings.

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