Huntsville Hospital chaplains working tirelessly throughout pandemic

Hospital chaplains during a global pandemic

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Among the frontline heroes working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to help patients are hospital chaplains.

Over the last ten months, chaplains have been offering support to patients, families and staff during some of the darkest days.

As hospitals across the country try to keep the virus at bay, patients often don’t have access to human contact other than doctors and nurses and if they wish, hospital chaplains.

“Encourage and be a sense of hope for people as they face their medical issues and challenges,” said Huntsville Hospital Staff Chaplain Derrick.

Whitlow has been praying with patients for a decade. It’s a busy season for Whitlow, but he said he’s filled with purpose. “Being a chaplain is a unique calling. During this time, it has just enhanced our need and as far as my emotional state I just depend heavily on the almighty.”

Recently his priority is to help families say a final farewell to patients who are separated from their loved ones because of the virus.

“Because of COVID and because of the transmission we do not see COVID patients. But we do try to minister to their families.”

Bringing comfort to the ailing during a global pandemic comes with its own set of challenges. Technology being one of the biggest blessing for the hospital chaplains.

“Zoom, we use Facetime, we are also able to reach out to families and minister to the emotional needs of the family as well.”

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