Re-zoning ordinances pass in Madison leaving residents upset

Updated: Dec. 28, 2020 at 11:30 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Two re-zoning ordinances passed votes of the Madison City Council on Monday night after several hours of public hearings and a discussion by city leaders themselves.

One ordinance is about re-zoning property south of the Oxford Subdivision and East of Dylan Road for residential use. This ordinance passed city council.

The second ordinance in question was about a proposed ordinance for re-zoning property on the north side of Huntsville-Browns Ferry Road and east of Holladay Road to residential as well. This ordinance also passed.

These ordinances were met by a lot of opposition from the public. Most residents explaining that they are not against growth, but they are against growth too fast. Some of the main concerns were if this re-zoning happens it could push Madison’s growth so much that city resources could suffer. Residents worry schools would become overcrowded, and roads would become what they are considering even more congested.

“Why are we building on land already programmed for one purpose rather than taking away from other purposes,” Resident Mike Sheehy said about both ordinances.

In the crowd on Monday, Madison City School District Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols.

Dr. Nichols did not give his opinion on the ordinances, instead he said he trusts city leaders to make those decisions. He did note though that if growth continues they will need to update the current growth plan for the school.

“The people of this community have given additional property tax to the school district and if you average about 340 homes over the year for the past six years in Madison, and Triana averages 125,” Dr. Nichols said. “Seven years down the road when that many students showing up we are going to be crowded. We are already crowded but we have two schools on the books.”

One resident and developer in the areas spoke for the re-zoning efforts.

“Yes there will be a number of homes that will be added to the system. Yes there will be a number of students added to the system,” Donnie Spencer said. “They will not cause any more problems than the person who moved here seven years ago.”

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