One Place, Safeplace receive less funding from grants

Grant money to help victims of domestic violence

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - Cases of domestic violence are on the rise during the pandemic.

Governor Kay Ivey recently announced grant funding to help agencies that serve assault victims.

That the much-needed financial support still leaves some of these organizations working with less money than usual.

“This has been a really terrifying year for victims of domestic violence,” Safeplace Executive Director Rachel Hackworth said.

Hackworth said Domestic violence rates across the Shoals are increasing.

“We are seeing more than double of the calls coming into our help line, but then at the same time we are seeing fewer people in a lot of our services” Hackworth said.

Safeplace and One Place in the Shoals help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in the Shoals area. These nonprofits utilize grant money to keep operating. Hackworth said Safeplace received far less this year, than in years past, and less funding means less money to stay running.

“It’s required us to have a reduction in services and staff to continue how to operate,” Hackworth said.

This year Safeplace received $1.6 million to assist with operations. Hackworth said this is continuous grant money for Safeplace and those funds were cut by half a million dollars.

“It’s the difference between helping a victim survive and breaking the cycle of violence in families for generations,” Hackworth said.

She said while they are grateful for the continuous support for the state, they need more help now than ever and you can help.

“You can financially support these organizations. We are going to need your help like we never had and two, next year, there’s going to be a big push in congress to do a legislative fix to fix the victims of crime act fund,” Hackworth said.

To find out how to financially support these organizations click the links below:

Click here for Safeplace

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