After six weeks, more than 30 days on ventilator with COVID-19, Shoals man released from hospital

Beginning rehabilitation after COVID-19

SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WAFF) - Cheers and applause rang out as 46-year-old Michael Shane Greenhill left Helen Keller hospital after his nearly two month battle with COVID-19.

The Shoals man spent six weeks battling COVID-19 in the hospital, and more than 30 of those days were spent on a ventilator.

It will still be several weeks before he can go home, even though he’s out of the hospital, and despite having to go to rehab, his wife said this is the best Christmas miracle.

“Its the best thing in the world to finally have our family back together,” his wife, Kristie Greenhill said.

Greenhill has been battling COVID-19 since November.

Just days after his 46th birthday, he was put on a ventilator for more than 30 days.

His wife, Kristie, said the effects of the virus took the family by surprise.

“He is a very healthy person. He turned 46 in here. No underlying health issues whatsoever and this caught us off guard,” Kristie said.

The family was separated for six weeks while Greenhill was fighting for his life.

Kristie said this changed their lives forever. She has a message for people who say COVID-19 is “not that bad.”

“This is very serious. People need to take it more seriously and if you don’t want to wear a mask, at least wear it for others,” Kristie said.

Greenhill may be leaving the hospital, but the road to recovery is far from over.

He was taken by ambulance to a rehabilitation facility.

Kristie said although he won’t physically be home for this holiday, it will be a memorable one.

“All of our celebrations are just going to wait until he gets home and he’s up to it and we’ll celebrate it all. We’ve got much to make up for,” Kristie said.

Greenhill will stay at the rehabilitation center for three weeks before he can go home.

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