First COVID-19 vaccines administered at Huntsville Hospital on Wednesday

First COVID-19 vaccines to be administered in Huntsville on Wednesday

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The first rounds of the COVID-19 vaccine were administered to designated employees at Huntsville Hospital on Wednesday.

In total, 15 hospitals in the state will receive the vaccine by the end of the week and Huntsville Hospital is among the first.

The vaccine arrived at Huntsville Hospital on Tuesday and the first doses were injected on Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. In total, Alabama is receiving nearly 50,000 doses in its initial allocation.

See vaccines administered at Decatur Morgan Hospital and Huntsville Hospital below:

Decatur Morgan Hospital administers first COVID-19 vaccine
Huntsville Hospital administers first COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday

According to the ADPH, hospitals were chosen based on their ability to handle ultracold storage of the vaccine.

At Huntsville Hospital, officials anticipate it taking two weeks for the roughly seven thousand doses to be distributed.

It’s important to note, this first phase of vaccinations is for frontline health workers, including clinical and non-clinical employees in hospitals. Tracy Doughty, the senior vice president of Huntsville Hospital made it clear that only members of specific groups can be vaccinated at this time.

“For example, the employees at the fever and flu clinic. We know they are on the front line of COVID every day. So the manager there will pick out the ones who want to go to make sure we aren’t getting five people from the same shift or the same day,” Doughty said.

Later this week, the FDA will decide whether to move forward with the other COVID-19 vaccine, made by Moderna Inc.

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