Mother of missing Albertville woman pleads for help, new information

The search continues for a missing Marshall County woman

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - No one has seen Fancie Kirstie Eller in two years.

“I feel like I’m living in a nightmare,” said mother Kristin Eller.

For two years Eller has been searching for answers.

Her 27-year-old daughter Fancie Kirstie Eller was last seen November 22, 2018, just before Thanksgiving.

“I got her to eat some chicken noodle soup that day. That was the last thing I know she ate and I hugged her and told her I feel like you’re gone, where are you, don’t leave, talk to me. And then she said, ‘Mama, I will be back,’ and then she really wasn’t, she really wasn’t,” said Eller.

Eller said her daughter was dropped off by a man at a home on County Road 3 in Dekalb County. Later, he dropped off belongings left in his car by Fancie.

Eller said she went to the house, but Fancie was nowhere to be found.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Lead Investigator Keith Wilson is in charge of Eller’s case.

He said Eller was known for drug use and the last lead they received was that she was seen walking on Hambey Road near the Boaz area, and her boots and wallet were also found in a nearby pasture.

“Even on Hambey Road we did use helicopters, police drones and cadaver dogs,” said Wilson.

Wilson said without a phone, debit card or permanent address for Eller, they haven’t been able to get any new information.

“Normally when we trace missing people we will track their debit card and where they used it at. We can ping a cellphone on a missing person and it will give us an exact location, but she has none of that,” said Wilson.

Kristin said Fancie is a mother herself, and her children miss her too.

“Her oldest son Zander has had some therapy sessions and he’s mad about it because he doesn’t understand. The other two are with their other grandparents,” said Eller.

As for Kristin, she said she is urging anyone with information about her daughter to please reach out. She is also offering a $500 reward leading to where her daughter might be.

Anyone with information, can call the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office at (256) 582-2034.

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