Jackson County School cafeteria workers out due to COVID, admin staff steps up to serve meals

High School staff members helping out with school lunch

STEVENSON, Ala. (WAFF) - Unfortunately, COVID-19 has left North Jackson High School without cafeteria workers.

So, the administration team is stepping up to serve some meals.

All four cafeteria workers at North Jackson High School have tested positive for COVID-19. They are currently in quarantine at home.

Principal Josh Harding said this is the second time his cafeteria staff has been out since the pandemic started.

They previously had to quarantine because of close contacts.

But don’t worry, students are still getting fed! Admins from various departments at the high school have stepped in to help.

During lunch, admin staff put on their aprons and gloves to fix students their lunches.

Principal Harding also joins in to help.

He said it has been a rewarding experience to help his staff and students.

“I’ve messed up and had to run people down and say ‘Hey, I owe you 50 cents from lunch today because I mess that machine up all the time’ and they’re always like don’t worry it’s no big. It’s just been refreshing, and I think that’s one of the great things that we can take away from all of the bad that’s going in the world,” said Harding.

I’m told the cafeteria staff is doing well at home while in quarantine and are expected to be back to work next week.

Jackson County Schools Superintendent Kevin Dukes said right now, 451 students and 64 employees are in quarantine in the county.

35 students and 15 employees are currently positive with COVID-19.

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