Physicians urge COVID-19 precautions as kids get out of school

Physicians urge COVID-19 precautions as kids get out of school
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Fall semester is already over for some grade school students and just a few weeks from ending for others, and it’s been a semester like no other.

Regardless of if kids go back to in-person learning or not in January, Dr. David Kimberlin, a pediatrician at UAB, says we need to commit to health precautions if we want to send kids safely to school.

Dr. Kimberlin explains that the amount of COVID-19 in the community is not isolated to one area at any point. Instead, the amount of COVID-19 cases in a city, county, or a state, will in turn be proportional when broken down to region, and schools.

While children are less likely to suffer severe effects of the virus, we’ve seen school bus driver shortages, teacher absences rise and even deaths among local school staffs.

He warns that if cases continue to balloon before January, the virus will be worse in schools.

“We’ve got to double down here, guys. We have to put masks on, we have got to social distance and reduce the people we are around, we are at a near crisis,” said Dr. Kimberlin.

He hopes people are careful over the holidays and follow the health advice.

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