Here’s how a government shutdown would impact us locally

Possible Government shutdown

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A looming government shutdown could be on the horizon.

Congress has until December 11th to pass a government spending bill, and if that doesn’t happen, the government could shut down.

Alabama State Senator Arthur Orr said if that happens, non-essential government employees could find themselves home before the holidays rather than at work.

“Most of your NASA workers are in that boat,” Senator Orr said. “Some Department of Defense employees on Redstone Arsenal are in that boat as well.”

But how would a shutdown look during a pandemic?

“I would think that all FDA employees, their functions would certainly be deemed essential as they are in the process of approving a vaccine as well as the CDC and others,” Senator Orr said. “I would have to think they are deemed as essential. I don’t know that for a fact.”

So what’s the likelihood the government shuts down? Senator Orr said he feels it’s too early to tell.

Congressman Robert Aderholt also said he feels it won’t happen.

“We don’t need to throw in the towel yet,” Congressman Aderholt said. “Sometimes these things come together at the last hour.”

Congressman Aderholt said he feels politicians will come to an agreement before next Friday, especially in a pandemic.

“I don’t think the President wants to see a shutdown,” Congressman Aderholt said. “I don’t think a Congress wants to see a shutdown. We are in the midst of the pandemic and holidays coming up and nobody wants to see something like that happen. I think we need to avoid it at all costs even if we have to go to a continuing resolution to bridge it until the new congress comes in January.”

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