Red Devils win third straight Championship, fifth in seven seasons

Fyffe defeats Montgomery Catholic 21-16 in Class 3A Super 7 Championship, Finishes 15-0
Updated: Dec. 3, 2020 at 7:26 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A team that wins 44 games in a row may know a thing or two about adversity. During the 2020 Super 7 Class 3A State Championship game, the Fyffe Red Devils met adversity head on in the first quarter.

Down 16-0, the Red Devils rallied to defeat Montgomery Catholic 21-16, holding the Knights scoreless after the first period of play, finishing the season with a perfect 15-0 record, 45 straight wins, and their first State title in Class 3A football.

“Catholic had a great team,” Fyffe Head Coach Paul Benningfield said. “We didn’t know if we could stay with them or not. These guys have no quit in them, and I knew coming down here would not be like a surprise to them. But, it’s really a special group of kids.”

Quarterback Ike Rowell scored three touchdowns, including the eventual game winner from the 1-yard line with 1:03 remaining. Rowell was named the game’s MVP.

“After we do and go through during the summer, I mean, how could you give up after you go through all that?” Rowell said during the postgame press conference. “We just kept playing.”

His two biggest plays came before the go ahead Touchdown when he found teammate Brody Dalton for two key receptions of 34 and 29 yards respectively on the game winning drive. The Senior had 76 receiving yards.

“As much work as we do all year long, you know you just can’t quit,” Dalton said during the postgame press conference.

The Fyffe Red Devils last loss came in 2017 in the State playoffs. Even after a new classification jump from Class 2A to 3A this season, the Red Devils beat some of the State’s best on the road to a State Championship and perfect season. With the victory, Paul Benefield has five career State Championships, all at his High School alma mater.

Fyffe defeats Montgomery Catholic for Class 3A State Title
Fyffe defeats Montgomery Catholic for Class 3A State Title(WAFF)

“You know all people around home said, you gotta play this one or you gotta play that one, and, we played them all,” Benefield said in reference to his first 3A schedule this season. “We never said we would beat them all, we just said we’d compete against them.

They’ve left a legacy that will be hard repeating. I think they will be talking about this group of kids as they get into their 40′s and 50′s and I’ll be gone by then, but they’ll still be talking about these guys right here. How they played, and never gave up. And the Championships will all rust and fade and the wood will rot, but, memories never will.”

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