COVID unit at North Alabama Medical Center almost to capacity

Hospitals running out of room for patents in Florence

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - COVID-19 hospitalizations reached a new high today in Alabama.

That’s echoed in north Alabama, where hospitals are running out of room for COVID positive patients.

“That’s what we’re here to do and we’re going to continue to do that,” North Alabama Medical Center CEO Russell Pigg said.

That’s a promise to continue to take care of North Alabama Medical Center’s COVID-19 patients.

Pigg said there’s been a rise in hospitalizations, nearly reaching capacity

At least three dozen patients are currently being treated for the virus.

“We’ve seen an increase in the last, I guess, all of November and we are hoping that coming off of Thanksgiving holiday that we won’t see another surge, but if we do we will be here to take care of our community,” Pigg said.

Pigg said if there is another increase, they are prepared to make additional room in the COVID unit.

“The hospital is outfitted. We can take care of many, many more COVID patients if we have to, but we hope that that’s not the case,” Pigg said.

He said with COVID and the flu season happening at the same time, the community cannot let their guard down.

“I will go ahead and encourage everybody. Wash your hands. Social distance. Wear your masks. Hopefully, it’ll be a light season if we all corroborate with those guidelines,” Pigg said.

The FDA could soon approve a vaccine to help prevent community spread. Until then, hospital administrators are preparing to help with distribution.

“We are working closely with the state and there’s a lot of questions that we don’t know yet but we are going to continue working with the state. Our intentions are to distribute vaccinations when they are available,” Pigg said.

Pigg said that they have stockpiled PPE and they are confident that they have enough for their staff and patients.

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