Retired physician part of COVID vaccine trial says it’s worth it

Local woman participates in COVID vaccine trial

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s only a matter of time until select Alabamians start being vaccinated for COVID-19.

That first group will include health care workers and people considered to be high risk. The Pfizer COVID vaccine requires people to get the shot twice.

Many of you have asked, how are people responding after receiving the vaccine?

Isla Bick says she did experience multiple symptoms after each time she got the shot, but they went away in about 24 hours .

Fever, chills, arm pain and a headache: those are the side effects Bick says she got from each round of the vaccine in September.

“That’s a little bit of discomfort, it’s a little bit of feeling funky. But it’s a lot better than being just a tiny bit dead,” Bick said.

Bick is a retired physician and her husband is a practicing physician at the Smith Family Clinic in Huntsville.

She says they both jumped at the chance to be a part of the study, and the trust is there for the scientists who have put in the work producing this.

“I’ve gotten the vaccine. I am fine. I have mounted an antibody response. This works. Try not to be afraid,” Bick said.

A concern Bick has heard is that you can pass the virus on to others from the vaccine.

“This vaccine is designed to get just the needle. That’s all it does. It doesn’t replicate anything that’s inside the syringe, you cannot pass on the virus when you have it,” Bick said.

Dr. Karen Landers with the Alabama Department of Public Health says she doesn’t think it will be widely available to everyone until late 2021.

So in the meantime, Bick says treat yourself as you would a loaded gun.

“Always assume no matter what that the weapon is loaded. Don’t point it at people. That’s what people should start doing now. that’s why you should wear a mask. You have to assume that you are loaded and you could hurt somebody,” Bick said.

Bick says she also served for several years in the Airforce, and the military requires you to get vaccinated.

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