Alabama’s very own Miracle Santa

Alabama's very own miracle Santa

TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WAFF) - Santas around the country are teaming up to save Christmas, and one of them is right here in north Alabama!

For many families, a visit with Santa Clause this Christmas season could look much different.

Via zoom, perhaps.

One local Santa, who may be familiar to those at Cabela’s, will be taking part in a special program called “How to Save Christmas.”

“It makes me feel warm inside that you can bring so much happiness just by a look or a wave,” said Santa Barry Cummings.

Santa’s making a list and checking it twice differently this year, but he says this doesn’t stop his mission to bring joy to children!

“I look forward to seeing the joy of when they first pop up on the screen and they see Santa and you know they just light up, and the excitement and amazement in their face that they know Santa is there for them,” Cummings said.

100 “Miracle Santas” from around the world were chosen to be a part of the program, created by world-renowned photographer Larry Hersberger.

Their mission is for every child to be able to see Santa this year.

Because of COVID-19, Santa unfortunately can’t visit with some children like usual.

“I’ve done one zoom call with a family with a little girl who was fixing to have surgery and I was able to have a magical visit with her but at the end, I gave her a word of encouragement and let her know that it is my sincere prayers and wishes that she will get well and that Santa will be praying for her,” Cummings said.

Seeing Santa may look different this year for many kids, but our own Miracle Santa wants them all to know this, “Santa loves you very much and I will be there Christmas morning. Merry Christmas. Hohoho!”

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