Fence installed to protect monuments at Albertville courthouse

A new fence has been built around Confederate monuments in Marshall County

ALOBERRTVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - There is a new fence around the monuments outside of the Marshall County Courthouse in Albertville.

Protestors have been asking commissioners for months to take down a Confederate statue there.

The Marshall County Commission has not discussed moving the monument, but chairman James Hutcheson said they have been working for the past three years to renovate the courthouse and put a new fence up around the monument.

Hutcheson said the fence has nothing to do with the recent protests, but said after hearing reports of protestors climbing on the monument a few weeks ago, he believes it will serve as an added safety measure.

“You know, it’s a safety issue also and I understand we had people climbing on the monument last week, so this is a safety issue and the final part of the renovation project that we have going on at the Albertville courthouse.”

Hutcheson says the fence will stay locked and if anyone tries to climb the fence or touch the monuments, they could face criminal charges.

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