UAB creates Post COVID Treatment Program

Program for lingering COVID-19 symptoms

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - UAB Medicine launched a new program that helps those who have lingering side-effects from COVID-19.

UAB’s Post COVID Treatment Program is designed to help patients receive proper follow-up care in the weeks and months after their recovery process.

This program is one of only a few programs of its kind across the country.

Doctor Turner Overton with UAB said about 10% of Alabama COVID patients will experience post-COVID symptoms.

“When you are looking at the number of patients in the state, we are approaching 250,000 people in the state with COVID you are talking about 20,000 Alabamians who are going to have potentially post COVID symptoms,” said Dr. Overton.

He said people are reporting cardiac, pulmonary, and psychiatric symptoms weeks or even months after testing positive for the virus.

“Men seem to be at risk for severe disease and require hospitalization and women appear to develop post COVID symptoms,” said Dr. Overton.

The Post COVID Treatment Program will not be housed in a brick-and-mortar clinic. Rather, patients will be directed to the appropriate specialty and be seen in that area’s clinic for further evaluation.

This is not just for UAB patients, this is for anybody in the community or the state if they are experiencing lingering symptoms,” said UAB spokesperson Savannah Koplon.

Patients can make an appointment in the program through 3 different avenues. Self-referral, physician referral, and UAB Outreach. “There are so many people, we need to make sure they have access to the care that they need,” said Dr. Overton, “This will be available for a while.”

The UAB COVID-19 Call Center can be reached at (205) 975-1881.

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