How locals can help revamp downtown Florence

Survey to improve downtown Florence

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - One organization in the Shoals is asking for your help with ideas on how to improve downtown Florence.

Downtown Florence Alliance was created by folks who live in the area to help improve the livelihood of their downtown.

Now, you can help.

With just a few clicks, locals can help the Alliance revitalize and brand the downtown area.

“This survey is really an opportunity for you to dream about what could be,” Executive Director Stephanie Vess said.

Vess said this is an opportunity for everyone to have input about the future of downtown.

“You know, it’s difficult to gather around a table these days but this does more than just gather around the table. It gathers a large group of people around a topic that a lot of people are interested in to try to get their attention and feedback on something that’s really important,” Vess said.

Downtown Florence Alliance partnered with Main Street Alabama to put the survey together. Locals can answer questions about what you would like to see downtown.

Brooke Michael said she saw two things on the list she would like to see become a reality.

“I think just having a public playground or just some type of family fun center we could take the kids to or just a public playground outside would probably help with small kiddos and also maybe a bakery of some type,” Michael said.

Once the survey closes, the organizations will access the results and present the information to the public.

“On January 31st they are going to come back and present all of the information from the market strategies survey and tell the community exactly what we’re looking for,” Vess said.

So far, there has been an overwhelming response.

The hope was for about 400 people to respond.

So far, 2,000 people have filled out the survey.

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