EXCLUSIVE: WAFF speaks with family of man killed in Huntsville standoff

Man identified in deadly standoff with Huntsville police

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Huntsville Police Department leaders are still investigating a standoff with a gunman that left one person dead.

On Tuesday, Captain Michael Johnson confirmed the identity of Bradley Pugh as the man who was shot and killed in the standoff.

Huntsville Police Department officers responded to Ted’s BBQ on Andrew Jackson Way in Huntsville after they got a call of a possible gunman on the roof.

That’s where police found Pugh with a gun. Huntsville Police Department officers blocked off several roads and got citizens out of the area.

According to Captain Johnson, both SWAT and the Crisis Negotiation Response Team were there. According to Captain Johnson, after trying to negotiate with Pugh into the morning hours, Pugh came down off of the roof with a ladder.

We’re told Pugh then ran away into a residential area. Officers attempted to go after Pugh when he pulled his gun back out. That’s when HPD officers opened fire.

Our crews caught up with Bradley’s son, Cameron Pugh.

“My dad was God fearing. He loved God so much," Cameron Pugh said. "Even when drugs were taking over him, or his bad moments, he would always turn to God. God was his first source.”

A life, now lost. Cameron Pugh said for him, his dad Bradley Pugh was his everything. Pugh confirms his father did struggle, something that could be seen on Bradley Pugh’s Facebook page just a few days ago.

Pugh posted dark messages on Facebook that can be taken as a cry for help.

David Little with the Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council said he never expected something like this standoff to happen so close to home.

“It’s sad for the community, it’s sad for the person involved, it’s sad for our officers," Little said. "Nobody goes to work wanting something like this to happen.”

As with any shooting involving a police officer, there will be an incident review board that to look over the incident. During the review, Little said members of of the Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council will also be present.

Little said they will watch the proceedings and then report back to citizens.

For those officers involved, Captain Johnson said they will have help available to them. The department started a peer support program led by a licensed counselor.

This resource, along with others will be available for those officers.

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