Virtual or traditional? Huntsville parents must decide by November 20th

Huntsville City Schools reaching deadline to choose new school plans

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Attention Huntsville City School parents!

You have until Friday, November 20th to notify the school system if your child will be attending school in-person or virtually for their second semester.

WAFF talked with school officials and parents about the big decision.

“I have one daughter in Huntsville High Schools. She is a freshman, so it’s her first year in the high school and currently she’s in traditional. They have recently been sent back home due to the rising number of COVID cases,” said Julie Marion.

As we reported last week, there are four schools in the Huntsville school district that have transitioned to remote learning because of an increase number in coronavirus cases.

The transition is temporary.

“We are going to stay traditional which is very scary, I’m not going to lie. The reason being is, my daughter thrives with that one on one teacher student interaction. Live learning is better for her,” said Marion.

Administrators at Huntsville City Schools say it’s important to know your child and to see how they are doing before you make a decision for the second half of the year.

“How have they done in that face-to-face environment? If they are a virtual student how have they done engaging in the online environment, have they been disciplined? Have they been good about making sure they complete their schoolwork, have they been good at doing and watching the modules?” asks Chief Communications Officer Craig Williams.

Julie says she knows her child. She’s having her daughter stay traditional because virtual school is overwhelming.

“She has seven different logins, seven different teachers. They all have homework posted in different places. Keeping up with assignments and keeping up with what they’re supposed to do has been a little bit of a nightmare when they were virtual at the beginning of the year,” said Marion.

Employees with Huntsville City Schools say your child’s grade will play a role in the decision you make.

In order to stay enrolled in the virtual Academy they must have a 70 or better grade average.

Students will have to stick with their decision for the entire semester, starting January 4th.

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