Protests continue in Albertville after Confederate flag was removed, then put back up

Protests continue in Albertville after Confederate flag was removed, then put back up
Albertville Courthouse (Source: waff)

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The debate in Albertville continues with protesters demanding the removal of the Confederate monument and flag in front of the courthouse on November 15th.

Protesters didn’t just stay at the courthouse, they also marched the streets of downtown Albertville.

For months, protesters have been demanding county leaders to remove the Confederate monument and the Confederate flag.

On Tuesday, the Confederate flag was replaced with the Alabama Secession flag, which is a replica of the first Alabama seceding from the union in 1861.

But this same week, the flag went back up, and is still up.

One member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Daniel Sims, talked to us about the situation.

“The flag was removed, and we put our battle flag back up. But long story short, us as Confederates, we are allowed to change our flags out," said Sims.

Marshall County leaders said they did not know about the removal of the flag.

Unique Dunston, leader of Reclaiming our Time, says she doesn’t want either flag flying at the courthouse.

“All of their flags are the same, they mean division, and racism and white supremacy and hatred. All of the them," said Dunston.

As the Confederate flag and monument remain at the courthouse, counter-protestors and members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans say they hope to reach an agreement.

“I feel like our common ground, or our compromise, is not tearing it down. Our compromise is for it to be relocated which is not violent," said Dunston.

“We have been compromising with these people the whole time we’ve been here; we’ve been called names and we have just been disrespected," said Sims.

The Marshall County Commission has not stated on whether or not they will take action to remove the Confederate monument and flag.

WAFF 48 will have more information when it becomes available.

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