Huntsville Hospital utilizes telemedicine services during pandemic


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - During the pandemic, more and more hospitals are using telemedicine services to help relieve emergency rooms and open up hospital beds.

At Huntsville Hospital, Senior Vice President of Operations Tracy Doughty said the demand for telemedicine has dropped since the spring when doctors were seeing about 150 telemedicine patients per week.

Now, that number is down to about 40. However, Doughty said that number is expected to rise soon.

In the meantime, the hospital is revamping certain processes for maximum efficiency.

“There’s a multitude of different ways as we move forward that we’ll be able to use this," Doughty said. "I think if you want to pull one positive out of the pandemic is making people think differently on how we use technology and how we deploy physicians and healthcare providers.”

Doughty said some Huntsville Hospital doctors are even seeing patients in other hospitals via telemedicine, in hopes of reliving ERs and ICUs there.

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