Colbert County bus driver dies from COVID-19

Colbert County bus driver dies from COVID-19
The Colbert County schools superintendent says Bobby Stutts passed away from the virus. (Source: WAFF)

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - We have some sad news for Colbert County students and community members.

Colbert County Schools Superintendent Gale Satchel confirmed Bobby Stutts, a bus driver for the Colbert County School District, died from COVID-19 on November 8.

Stutts made sure children were able to get to and from school in Colbert Heights for several years. We’re told he worked with the school system long enough to be tenured.

According to Satchel, once the pandemic hit, Stutts constantly wore a mask, and he made sure they were always made available to students as well.

“He was constantly wearing the mask, he had extra masks on his bus for the kids. He checked all the boxes, yet he still contracted COVID and it took his life as well,” Satchel said.

Satchel tells us he remained at Helen Keller Hospital for several weeks prior to his passing.

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