Local attorney discusses Trump’s fight to keep the White House

Updated: Nov. 9, 2020 at 8:23 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - President Trump is taking his fight to keep the White House to court. But is it too late to exercise his legal options nearly one week after the General Election?

Six days after the election, the Trump campaign is pressing forward saying they won’t stop until every legal vote is counted.

Huntsville Attorney Mark McDaniel says the President’s camp should have had a plan together before election day.

“Everybody knew which states were going to be an issue in this election," McDaniel said. "It was always going to be Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and you even knew which counties within those states were going to be an issue. Whoever was in charge of having the lawyers lined up, you should have had the best lawyers in each state. You should have had a solicitor general lined up to argue matters before the U.S. Supreme Court.”

The Trump campaign is still trying to get the Supreme Court to intervene, asking for it to hear arguments in the case.

McDaniel says it’s going to be a difficult battle that is all going to come down to proof, and the final ruling of the United States Supreme Court.

“They can do what they did in Bush vs. Gore, they said stop the counting. They could have perhaps done that in this case, if there were lawyers on board that would have taken those irregularities to the court, but that was not done. So you see the differences, you see how the problem could be at this point, in getting the matter before the U.S. Supreme Court that they could actually act on.”

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