Here are some practical tips for a 2020 Thanksgiving dinner

How to have Thanksgiving safely

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - We are three weeks away from Thanksgiving, which is going to be a very 2020 edition of the family holiday.

We heard from an expert who says there are safer ways to celebrate than we have in the past and still enjoy your family time.

Less travel is expected this year, but some will still gather for the traditional meal, just differently.

For those choosing to have a gathering of any kind, some extra planning might be in order.

“It’s those cases that are circulating around November 14 that will lead to cases at Thanksgiving,” said Dr. Suzanne Judd at UAB.

To prevent transmission of COVID-19 on the holiday, Dr. Judd offers things to consider changing where you eat.

“Outdoors is going to be the best way, if you’re outdoors, if you can open up windows and keep it heavily ventilated,” she said.

Besides cutting the guest list, she also says to consider multiple meals.

“Maybe do Thanksgiving eating in shifts, where half the group eats and then the second half of the group eats,” said Dr. Judd. That doesn’t sound awful.

Space is key -- more room between people limits the amount of spit particles that could get into the air.

When the family is done eating, consider putting on masks, maybe even holiday themed.

“If I am wearing a mask, it makes it easier for other people to wear a mask,” said Dr. Judd.

It’s the perfect excuse for some very 2020 family photos.

She also said preparing food in advance is a good idea so a bunch of people aren’t in the kitchen together.

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