Forty-one residents, 17 staff from Lincoln Co. nursing home are COVID positive

Published: Nov. 4, 2020 at 10:42 PM CST
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LINCOLN COUNTY, TN. (WAFF) - As much as we want it to be, COVID-19 is not behind us.

We're told all 41 positive COVID-19 residents are in a completely separate part of the building...
We're told all 41 positive COVID-19 residents are in a completely separate part of the building and 17 staff members are off work.(WAFF)

Health leaders made that clear at the Madison County press briefing Wednesday. Officials say cases are on the rise all across north Alabama.

But one of the most concerning updates comes from Lincoln County, Tennessee.

Forty-one seniors in the Donalson Care Center are battling COVID-19 right now. And that does not include the 17 staff members who had to leave work after testing positive.

“The nursing home situation has been outside of the normal for us. It has caused our numbers to go up and it has been a major concern,” Lincoln County Mayor Bill Newman said.

But even more troubling, Mayor Newman says there’s been three resident deaths since October 30.

Newman tells us there are 139 active cases in the county right now. Fifty-eight of those come from residents and staff at the Donalson Care Center.

“My mom is a resident there. My mom’s 87-years-old, I haven’t seen her in seven months. It’s one of those situations you know everybody has to give up some stuff for us to accomplish what we want to and until we get a vaccine we’re going to be dealing with it on a daily basis,” Newman said.

Newman’s mother is not one of the positive residents.

Jack Grove, the administrator for the Donalson Care Center, tells us the staff has been working hard through the pandemic to follow all CDC and state guidelines.

He sent us this statement:

The staff and administration at Donalson Care Center have worked diligently since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis to follow all CDC and Tennessee Department of Health recommendations and guidelines to help keep our residents and staff safe during this pandemic.

Despite these efforts, Donalson Care Center currently has multiple positive COVID-19 cases in both our employee and resident population.

At this time, DCC has 40 active resident cases of COVID-19. We have had six residents recover who previously tested positive, and four COVID-related deaths.

Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our residents and staff.

We have implemented our infectious disease protocols that allow us to isolate our COVID positive patients in a separate area of the facility while still providing safe care to the rest of our patients and residents.

We are working closely with a consultant at the TN Department of Health to ensure we are continuing to follow the most up to date guidelines set by the CDC and TDOH.

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