Shoals Community Theater goes for second soft opening, expanding seating

The Shoals Community Theatre celebrated a soft opening on October 1st

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - “The show must go on” even during a pandemic. The Shoals Community Theater celebrated a soft opening on October first. While the Theatre didn’t take in as much money as shows did, prior to the pandemic there’s more to it than making a profit.

It’s a sign of a new era. A theater coming back to life during a pandemic. The Shoals Community Theater opened October first. And while reopening didn’t make as much money as shows in the past, manager Steve Price says it’s about more than the bottom line.

“After expenses, we probably made $700 - $800 dollars. It was a soft opening we only did a one night show. We did $10 tickets. It wasn’t all about making money. It was more about getting people comfortable to come into the theater and letting them know we had them in mind. The safety of our patrons is first and foremost," said Shoals Community Theater GM Steve Price.

The theater was forced to close in March during the Covid pandemic. Months of no ticket sales, no foot traffic, and no big shows put the theater in a financial bind. Price says there is light at the end of a very dark tunnel. He’s hoping Thursday night’s performance with stand up comedian Henry Cho will draw in more people and more money. The marquee is up, posters are printed and some 200 tickets are ready to be sold. The theater coming back to life - slowly - and with the safety of patrons as a top priority.

“We’ve got the thermometer guns, hands-free sanitizer dispensers. We’re doing masks. The volunteers behind the counter are wearing gloves. All the popcorn will be pre-boxed prepared and ready. We’re doing sanitation in the theater. It’s a safe place to be,” said Price.

Price says it will take time for the Shoals Community Theater to bounce back from months of no business.

He says for now - the show must go on - and he’s taking it one day at a time.

If you’d like more information on ticket prices and show dates visit the Shoals Community Theater website.

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