North Alabama Red Cross preparing for another storm

Updated: Oct. 26, 2020 at 10:08 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Volunteers with the North Alabama Red Cross are preparing for the 27th named storm this hurricane season.

They say the last time Mother Nature was so active, it was 2005. There were 28 named storms that year.

With another storm currently brewing in the gulf, there’s a big need for donations.

“I think this year we have had storm after storm after storm and I think that because we have had so many and we have had so many back to back I think maybe it’s not tugging on the heart strings. It’s not on the button in our brain that makes us want to do something about it. I think we’re now just used to seeing these storms becoming an every day occurrence,” said Red Cross Executive Director, Khris Anderson.

Volunteers from North Alabama have responded to dozens of tropical storms and hurricanes in the gulf, and wildfires in other parts of the country.

With so much damage, it will take billions of dollars to help families rebuild.

“Currently we have 8,500 people across the country who are in the Red Cross or Red Cross supported shelters,” said Anderson.

The Red Cross has a big need for donations, volunteers who have skills, or someone who can simply answer the phone.

This year the need is great.

“In this COVID environment, everything that we do cost more and takes longer. We’ve talked about the fact that the shelter is done differently. A lot of it is non-congregate which means they’re put in hotels,” said Anderson.

Another way you can get involved and help the Red Cross, is by rolling up your sleeve and donating blood.

Even if there is storm fatigue, the executive director of the Red Cross says it’s important to know, the Red Cross will always be there to help.

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