Next steps for Huntsville residents asked to leave their unsafe apartments

VIDEO: Huntsville apartments deemed unlivable

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Multiple families were forced out of their homes at Serenity Apartments in Huntsville on Thursday after several units were considered unsafe to live in. On Friday our crews spoke with more residents, who tell us their apartments are just as bad as the condemned ones.

Residents tell us Serenity Apartments at Huntsville is anything but serene. Instead, some describe it as a nightmare. A place with mold, broken windows, litter, and glass on the floor.

On Thursday, water in the electrical lines caused Huntsville Utilities to cut power to building 2022, condemning some of the units on the property.

Issues former resident David Elliott told our crew aren’t new. A statement that current residents agree with.

“When I first moved in there was a red bucket underneath a sink in the master bedroom," Elliott said. "The sink didn’t have a drain in it only a bucket, so the sink was constantly flowing dripping into the sink area.”

Mold also covered Malik Carter’s 1-year-old daughter Mehlani’s closet.

“It’s overwhelming," Carter said. "You might realize she has a snotty nose and you don’t know if its because of what she is breathing in.”

So what can be done? Attorney Mark McDaniel said in Alabama law, leasing management and tenants have a mutual understanding.

“If you rent something then it has to be a place where you won’t be injured or hurt if you move into the place," McDaniel said.

If this understanding isn’t followed there can be consequences.

“Alabama law is clear on that you have to keep paying your rent. Then you can certainly go to court.”

Serenity Apartments was previously managed by Arlington Properties, but Elevation Financial Group out of Florida manages them now.

Elevation Financial Group did answer our first call about these issues and says they are doing everything they can to get the building back open as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, McDaniel said the law is on the tenant’s side when it comes to unsafe living conditions.

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