UNA’s only home game effect on local businesses

Local businesses getting ready for UNA's Homecoming Football game

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - Hundreds of fans usually flock to Florence for game day at UNA.

These fans don’t only watch the game while they’re in town though, they also go shopping, dine at restaurants, and stay at hotels, providing a substantial boost to the local economy.

This year, there’s only one home game, and it’s tomorrow.

One local business has safety measures in place for fans who are watching but aren’t at the stadium.

Bart Davis is the owner of FloBama in downtown Florence.

He said he hopes people will return to the bar to load up on food and drinks and to watch the game on the big screen.

Davis also said proper safety measures are his number one priority.

He said that they are still implementing social distancing by having people dine at every other table.

Since FloBama is a pretty large facility, there is plenty of room to be more than six feet apart.

Davis is hopeful tomorrow’s game will be a much-needed revenue boost.

Businesses are feeling the financial impact of the pandemic, which caused the W.C. Handy festival to move online and caused the cancellation of First Fridays downtown.

Even though this is the first and only home game of the season, Davis said he doesn’t think this game will be a partial sense of normalcy for his customers

“Everybody’s been affected by this and mentally I don’t think this one home game is going to do it for the town. It’s going to take time,” said Davis.

Kickoff is at 1 p.m. on October 17.

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