Madison City Schools COVID-19 update

Madison City Schools COVID-19 update
Madison City Schools re-entry in September. (Source: Madison City Schools)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s only been a few weeks since Madison City Schools (MCS) made the announcement that all students who chose in-class learning at the beginning of year will return to their classrooms.

Students in Madison will return for the start of their second nine weeks on October 19.

On Friday, the school system sent out a statement with the current amount of COVID-19 cases.

As of October 16, MCS reports a total of nine positive cases of COVID-19 in the district.

According to the statement, there are currently 97 staff and students in quarantine from being associated with positive or presumptive cases.

The breakdown is as follows:

Positive Cases: Columbia: 0 employees, 0 students

Heritage: 0 employees, 0 students

Horizon: 0 employees, 0 students

Madison: 0 employees, 0 students

Mill Creek: 0 employees, 0 students

Rainbow: 0 employees, 2 students

West Madison: 0 employees, 0 students

Pre-K: 0 employees, 0 students

Discovery: 0 employees, 0 students

Liberty: 0 employees, 0 students

Bob Jones: 0 employees, 1 students

James Clemens: 3 employees, 2 students

District: 1 employee

Quarantined (Does not include new positive cases):

Columbia: 1 employee, 1 student

Heritage: 0 employees, 7 students

Horizon: 0 employees, 6 students

Madison: 0 employees, 7 students

Mill Creek: 1 employee, 3 students

Rainbow: 2 employees, 3 students

West Madison: 1 employee, 2 students

Pre-K: 1 employee, 1 student

Discovery: 0 employees, 12 students

Liberty: 0 employees, 7 students

Bob Jones: 3 employees, 8 students

James Clemens: 3 employees, 25 students

District: 3 employees

Beginning next week, MCS COVID-19 updates will be posted on their website, no later than 4:30 p.m. each Friday.

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