Temperatures climb back up this week

Temperatures climb back up this week

A clear and warmer start to your Sunday morning by more than 10 degrees.

Starting off warmer will help us get back to our average of 74 for the afternoon. Warm winds will aid in this as well as plenty of sunshine for the morning and afternoon hours.

Not much activity is scheduled for your Sunday outside of some clouds creeping in by late afternoon and into the evening.

Overnight temperatures will remain in the 50s and 60s going forward, and thankfully no more 30s in sight.

For your workweek we will continue to climb in temperatures, even seeing the 80s come back into the forecast for a bit.

Rain looks to move in by late next week with a front, helping to drop us back into the 70s.

A little more development off in the Atlantic, a subtropical depression is looking to form near Bermuda and head northeastward by middle next week.

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