Albertville High School free clothing event for students

One school in Albertville is working to make sure their students have the clothing items they need

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - You could call it a community closet of sorts, the event Albertville High School hosts to lend students a helping hand.

Julie Ramirez is a Junior at Albertville High School.

For the past three years she has participated in the schools free shopping event. Students are able to pick out clothes and shoes that were donated from local businesses and the community.

“My mother was a single mom, so having three kids is a lot. With the budget and having to spend money on groceries it cuts it out. I was shopping for my siblings and my mom and I because clothes now a days gets expensive," said Ramirez.

10th grade school counselor Lindsey Knott said because of COVID-19 they were unable to host their event in the spring.

She said it’s a great opportunity for them to help students in need, and their loves ones.

“It’s so good to see and be able to feel like we are able to provide something the students are interested in they can shop not only for themselves but there’s also kids clothes, adults clothes and they will also shop for the families as well," said Knott.

Ramirez said she is thankful to attend a school that supports students' needs and has been inspired to give back.

“This is such a great school because when they see something they act; they act immediately to not only help their students but their community. This has helped so many families especially with COVID and the pandemic people have lost jobs and families can only afford their rent and food," Ramirez.

School officials said they plan to host another shopping event for students next Spring.

If you would like to donate you may contact the high school.

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