College student kicked out of campus housing for breaking COVID-19 restrictions

Alabama A&M student kicked out of student housing

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Thursday an Alabama A&M University student is looking for a place to live after being kicked off campus for allegedly violating COVID-19 policies.

Our Kate Smith spoke with the student and his father who said the new virus guidelines weren’t properly announced. University leadership said the punishment proves the university is taking safety precautions seriously.

It’s a nine-hour drive back to Chicago for Alabama A&M freshman Christian Tillmon.

His dad made the trek down to Huntsville earlier this week, after Christian was ordered to move out of his dorm less than halfway through his first semester.

“This is my first and last time ever breaking any rules on campus,” said Freshman Christian TIllmon.

Christian said he was grabbing his phone charger from a friend’s dorm when a resident assistant stopped him and informed him, he was breaking the 11pm curfew. He had to pay a $200 fine.

“The next evening, I received an email saying my housing has been revoked for all 4 years.”

Incoming students at A&M are required to sign a housing agreement. Tillmon acknowledged and signed the Terms of Agreement on May 4th.

“There is no word of COVID in that document what-so-ever,” said Marcus Tillmon. “They sent out an email and they are acting as the email is an addendum or an amendment to a legally binding contract.”

Staff said students have repeatedly been warned to practice social distancing, wear masks, and follow all COVID related guidelines on campus.

A spokesperson told us “All residential students agreed to comply with housing regulations upon signing the 2020-2021 Housing Agreement. Additionally, the Housing Department notified students of expectations and consequences in several written notices and virtual town halls.”

“They need to immediately add in the housing policy handbook COVID-19 restrictions, violations, fines, and punishments. They need to email that new PDF to students and have them sign it because that will be the new legal document that states what the COVID restrictions, violations, fines, and punishments are,” said Marcus.

Christian appealed the university’s decision and asked the housing director for another chance but was denied.

The Tillmon family plans to take legal action to get Christian his housing privileges back.

“This should not be a blemish on his academic record.”

“Mind you this is my first offense here on campus,” said Christian.

Tillmon can still attend the university for classes. However, he is not allowed to live on school property.

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