Say Their Names Alabama holds sit-in at Marshall County courthouse; call for confederate monument removal

Say Their Names Alabama host sit-in at Marshall County Courthouse

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The push continues to remove Confederate monuments in north Alabama.

After months of protesting, members of Say Their Names Alabama held a sit-in at Neena’s Grill restaurant at the Marshall County Courthouse.

The protesters are calling for the removal of the Confederate monument and flag on display at the Albertville Courthouse and said they have waited too long with no answers.

“Our petitions have been ignored, we have a petition that has over 3200 signatures, our emails, calls and letters have been ignored. They think this is a joke, so we are here on their own turf," said leader Unique Dunston.

In hopes of getting answers, the group decided to change their location for the protest. Marshall County Sheriff Deputies were present, but did not allow any signs inside of the courthouse.

“There’s nothing wrong with people coming in and having a meal, but we don’t allow any certain items on a daily basis such as banners or any political activity," said Sheriff Phil Simms.

Albertville Museum board member and historian Danny Maltbie said the The Sons of Confederate Veterans erected the monument at the old railroad depot on April 26, 1996 and later moved it to its current location in 2005.

He said at the time, Albertville city leaders asked that it be placed at the old cemetery on Alabama Highway 205.

But the Sons of Confederate Veterans wanted the monument to be more visible.

The County Commission sided with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The Alabama Memorial Preservation Act requires a state committee to give approval to move a monument that’s been in place between 20 and 40 years.

“It is actually 24 years old, so what has to be done is the commissioners have to fill out a waiver application that gets sent to a Montgomery committee," said Dunston.

Protesters said they would like for the monument to be moved to the Albertville museum, or a pre-civil war cemetery.

WAFF 48 reached out to Commission Chairman James Hutcheson for a comment on the removal of the monument and flag, but he declined.

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