Huntsville Senior Center reaches $100,000 fundraising goal

A local senior center meets their fundraising goal

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Mission accomplished! Earlier this year, employees at the Huntsville Madison County Senior Center asked for your help, and you delivered.

Organizers surpassed their goal of raising $100,000.

During the coronavirus pandemic, zero employees were furloughed or laid off. Donations were down for important programs seniors rely on like Meals on Wheels.

Thanks to these donations, the doors will remain open and every employee will continue to clock in. And because of your generous contributions, volunteers with Meals on Wheels will continue to deliver 250 meals to seniors who can’t leave their house, five days a week.

During the coronavirus pandemic, donations at the Huntsville Madison County Senior Center were down.

Meals on wheels is one of many senior programs offered here at the center. With the holidays fast approaching, seniors who rely on these programs don’t have to worry.

If it wasn’t for your donations, some employees would’ve been furloughed and left without a paycheck.

“After the first interview you did with me about this fundraiser in August for about 10 days we had donations coming in like crazy. So that really helped us reach the goal. In addition to that Frank Williams with Landers McLarty Subaru saw that interview called me and wanted to help raise money for us. They are donating $100 for every car they sold during the month of September. That donation put us over the top. We have thus far reached $107,000,” said Executive Director Tom Glynn.

Although the Huntsville Madison County Senior Center reached and surpassed their financial goal, they’re still taking donations.

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