Publix now open, restaurants soon to follow on Clift Farms development

Construction update on Clift Farms

MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) - Construction on the Clift Farms development in Madison is hitting some exciting milestones after starting about a year and a half ago.

The first major piece of this new community between Balch Rd. and Wall Tirana Hwy., along Hwy. 72 has opened, it’s a brand new Publix.

Joey Ceci is the president of Breland Companies, the group behind developing this 600 acre area. He said Madison County is continuing to grow and this project is just a reflection of that.

“The whole idea is to retain young professionals, continue to bring everybody here and make the quality of life so good that it helps our employers attract the employees that they need and retain them," Ceci said.

He said they want to essentially build a small city, where once people get home from work, they don’t have to leave the neighborhood because everything they could need is right around them.

“The retailers and the restaurants see that and they want to be a part of that growth and providing those residential opportunities to people in all stages of life, from young professionals, to seniors, to empty nesters," Ceci said. "We want to provide something here residentially to everyone of those groups.”

Ceci said restaurants like Chipotle and Taco Mama should be opening by the end of 2020 or early 2021. The first homes that will go in behind the Publix should be starting construction in November with an eye on people buying them in early Spring of 2021. And then, Fall or Winter of 2021 some very nice apartment complexes will follow.

He said businesses see Madison County and North Alabama as an opportunity area.

“Restaurants and stores and retailers in the past, that would not have looked at us, are really looking at us hard now, because we have seen such dynamic growth here in North Alabama and I think we’re going to continue to see that," Ceci said.

He said this isn’t all about quality of life for people who will live in the new Clift Farms, it’s also about those who already live in the large Rocket City community.

“We’re trying not to duplicate things, we’re trying to bring some new things to the project, that just helps everybody in the community," Ceci said. “It helps our school systems with new tax revenues, it helps the quality of life for people who already live here and gives that great unique opportunity for those folks moving into a community who are looking for a place to move.”

Ceci did add that they are expecting to announce some new deals with restaurants, that are not only new to Madison County, but also new to Alabama as a whole. He said those announcements should be happening in the coming days and weeks.

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