Huntsville Dream Center seeks volunteers to help beautify Lee High School memorial site

Honoring the victims of the 2006 bus crash.

Lee High School community outreach event

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Next month will mark 14 years since four students were killed and dozens of others were injured when their school bus crashed in Huntsville.

At Lee High School, there is a memorial for those students located in a prominent part of campus: right under the flag poles.

But the garden where it sits needs some color and spirit and the Huntsville Dream Center plans to make that happen.

“We want to unify communities of people and come alongside and be a blessing to them,” said Alicia Gale, the programs and projects manager for the Huntsville Dream Center.

The pandemic put a dent in school budgets, and unfortunately some landscaping services had to go.

Gale says a team of volunteers will be cleaning up the site on Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon.

“We are bringing a team of people out here to pull up the dead plants, to clean up the memorial placard and eventually replant.”

Gale says her team is in great need of mulch, soil conditioner, fertilizer and plants, which can all go towards helping update other parts of the Lee High School campus.

The nonprofit is seeking volunteers from a variety of local businesses and nonprofits, and also welcomes families and students from other schools.

“Maybe someone who is a gardener or a landscaper who would like to even possibly make a club for the students,” Gale said. “And as the students change every year, the same community people are here.”

Gale says the ultimate goal is to build bridges of hope in the community.

“All the kids will have the potential to be back on campus in the coming weeks and we want them to know that there is an ongoing effort, that this memorial is not forgotten by any means and that it can be a place of pride on campus," Gale said. "It would just become a vocal point in the school that as they drive up, they can see that.”

If you would like to sign up for Saturday’s community outreach event, you can visit this link.

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