Experts discuss signs of sexual misconduct, abuse in the classroom

The National Children’s Advocacy Center staff says there are signs for parents to look out for when it comes to abuse

How to identify signs of abuse in the classroom

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - As parents, making the decision to send your child back to school in the midst of a pandemic was already a tough decision.

Now, just months into school, three teachers in our were area arrested on different sexual charges involving students.

“School should be a safe place where parents can send their kids. It’s scary when we hear about instances where it’s not been safe for kids," Pam Clasgens said.

Clasgens is an awareness and prevention director with the National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC).

Clasgens says she wants parents to know there are signs you need to be aware of.

“If they seem afraid of a particular situation or person, if they’re very withdrawn, that’s not normal. Anything that’s out of the ordinary or unusual, that’s when we need to be talking with our kids," she explained.

Clasgens says having active and frequent communication with your child should be a top priority.

She also recommends checking in with your schools, churches and other organizations to see what kind of training and protocols they have in place for instances of abuse.

“They’re doing some kind of screening of employees, they’re doing background checks, and then once an employee is hired, that they have policies and procedures in place to prevent sexual abuse," Clasgens said.

NCAC staff wants parents to be aware sexual misconduct amongst adults we trust with our children happens.

It unfortunately happens right here in the Tennessee Valley, and the NCAS wants you to know it could be someone you least expect.

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