UAB doctor breaks down connection between COVID-19 & the heart in athletes

A new study is focused on COVID-19 and College athletes

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WAFF) - Researchers say athletes could be at a greater risk for heart problems if they contract COVID-19.

A doctor at UAB tells us some athletes who get COVID-19 end up with Myocarditis. That’s inflammation of the heart where, in this case, the virus goes through the heart’s receptors.

UAB is working with Washington State and Harvard Universities on a COVID-cardiac study of college athletes nationwide to see how COVID-19 affects their heart.

Younger athletes could be at risk as well.

“There are so many more high school and middle school athletes that it’s hard to do a study on those groups and have the infrastructure, the resources, the buy in from parents. And so that’s where I think educating people and trying to figure out how to do a study on those groups, I think that would also be possible,” Doctor Irfan Asif, the family and community medicine chair at UAB said.

He tells us the important thing is not to exercise until 14 days after you’ve tested positive for COVID-19.

You are advised to see your doctor if you’re experiencing any chest pain or shortness of breath.

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