Local hospitals seeing high positive COVID-19 patient numbers, similar to its peak

Decatur-Morgan and Athens-Limestone Hospitals have nearly as many COVID-19 positive patients as they did in July.

Decatur-Morgan and Athens-Limestone Hospital officials say they have high numbers of positive COVID-19 patients.

NORTH ALABAMA, Ala. (WAFF) - COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in our state and in several of our local counties.

On October 9., the Alabama Department of Public Health deemed Morgan and Limestone County as “very high risk.”

When a county is placed into the very high risk zone, multiple factors are considered.

How many people are being tested for COVID-19? How many of those tests are positive? And how many people are visiting the doctor for symptoms?

“We have seen a spike. We went up to as much as 24 late last week and back down to 22 now. As you said and we saw in the data, we are seeing an increase with people who have COVID-19 in Morgan County," Decatur-Morgan Hospital President Kelli Powers said.

Powers says their ICU is full.

Morgan County also saw more positive COVID-19 numbers in one day, than they have seen since August. Athens-Limestone Hospital is also experiencing another spike in COVID patients.

“We spiked to 18, now we’re back down to 15. It waxes and wanes. Over the weekend we had 16, today 15. It’s just a cycle," Infection Control Nurse Mona Skipworth said.

Skipworth says this is the most patients they’ve seen since the first peak in July. Both hospitals are making arrangements to prepare for the worst.

“We actually can convert our entire second floor into a COVID unit, we have that in place with the flip of a switch," Skipworth explained.

Just last week, Decatur-Morgan Hospital administrators announced they’re opening a COVID unit at the Parkway Place location, in preparation for a possible surge in patients.

Hospital staffers are urging you to go get tested if you have symptoms.

They also warn people to not wait until your symptoms worsen, get help if you need it.

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