Construction on Little Cove Road in Madison County begins Tuesday

Construction begins on Little Cove Rd. in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Attention drivers! If you’re commute takes you near McMullen Cove, a busy road will be closed Tuesday for construction and you’ll need to take a detour.

We’re talking about little Cove Road in Madison County. Crews say they hope to work fast, and complete the resurfacing project in two weeks.

There are huge patches where crews have previously tried to make repairs all along the road. The patchwork is not holding up.

Since little Cove Road is so busy, it’s making matters a lot worse.

“Historically, the road has presented problems for travelers, and now with more traffic because of construction and heavy loads, the road just can’t stand it. We’ve hired a geotechnical firm, They’ve given us a report and we’re going to work off of that report beginning tomorrow, and we’re going to remove about 1,600 feet of the road,” said Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill.

A big section of Little Cove Road will be closed to travelers in both directions.

There are detours set up that you’re going to need to know about beginning Tuesday morning.

“McMullen Road will probably be one for people traveling from the Gurley area. If you’re coming from the other side, the west side off of 431, you need to pick a route that will fit you better. Probably 431 will be a good choice,” said Hill.

Although money is tight, the project is expected to cost around $411,000. Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill says it’s money well spent because safety is the number one priority.

“The concerns that come into our district office, a large portion of them, come from the little cove area. We have tried to patch this and we’ve tried to work through this the best that we can to allow traffic to continue. That’s just not working," Hill added. “It’s becoming a dangerous situation with the size of some of the potholes, so we know that we have to totally renovate the road, and we’re going to come in and we’re going to do what needs to be done and hope to solve the problem."

Construction crews say they plan to start digging up the road October 13, at 7 a.m.

If you travel on Little Cove Road near McMullen Cove in Madison County, make your plans now for a new route you’ll need to take for the next two weeks.

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