Women in power at the local government level

Women in power in Alabama

MADISON, Ala. (WAFF) - New women were elected for local government positions in both Madison City, and Triana this week.

Our crews sat down with both women to find out why they chose to run, and what projects they plan to tackle first when sworn in.

Soon, Connie Spears will step into her new role for Madison City Council District 2, while Erica Hopkins will join local government in the role of Town Council Place 3 for Triana. Both women said they ran for office as a way to give back, something they said they’ve done for as long as they can remember.

“From girl scouts, to volunteering at vacation bible school as a teenager, to when my kids were born, I’ve always volunteered," Spears said.

“I just felt like I could make a greater impact on the government side of things as opposed to just being a regular citizen," Hopkins said.

When Spears steps into her new position, she said she will also be helping Madison City make history.

“We will be four women, and this will be the first time we have a majority women council," Spears said.

So what are their plans for when they are sworn in? Hopkins said she wants to work to preserve Triana’s history.

“We are working to turn a home it into a cultural center," Hopkins said. "This cultural center there will be different artifacts about some of the rich history that’s in Triana.”

“I want to focus more on our commercial growth because that will broaden our tax base and increase our revenues so we can then do some of the improvements we need to do," Spears said. "Like update the roads, the bridges, and add more schools and more fire stations.”

Ideas both women tell our crews they’re starting to work on now.

When talking about his wife, Richard Spears said he’s more than just proud of his wife Connie Spears.

“I’ve been proud of her ever since we first met back in 1987," he said. "We have been married for 31 years and I am so lucky to find my soulmate.”

Both women will be sworn into their new positions on November 2nd.

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